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Skin Magic Cell Therapy and post skin cancer treatment

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Panu Nose_BeforePanu Nose_AfterDuring the last decade, the medical community has greatly increased public awareness about the harmful affects of UVA & UVB, which has resulted in fewer reported cases of skin cancer in the United States. The data suggests that people are now taking preventative measures by applying sunscreen to exposed areas which is helping reduce the risk of skin cancer

What about those people that have melanoma? If diagnosed early, the melanoma and surrounding tissue is removed from the skin leaving unsightly holes that have to be filled with skin grafts. The results are not pretty, particularly if the affected area is somewhere on the face. Often times the skills of a plastic surgeon are needed to help smooth away the appearance.

But what if that isn’t enough? Enter Marita Hanson, Master Aesthetician and President & Founder of Skin Magic, Ltd. in New York City. For over twenty years, Marita has utilized new modalities and the latest technology delivery systems promoting skin wellness.

Marita made her mark by working along side some of the most prestigious and skillful plastic surgeons in New York. Case in point. Marita was called to treat a male patient (see photos above) after the removal of severe skin cancer on the nose area.

For a fast recovery, Marita began treatment immediately using her exclusive Skin Cell Therapy System, a customized blend of serums. Epidermal and dermal growth was detected and the doctor agreed that no skin graft was needed.

Marita works with clients across the spectrum on post-surgical procedures and specializes in various therapeutic techniques, which aid in the reduction of symptoms such as, swelling, bruising, numbness, pain-alleviation and wound-healing.

One method is ABM-RF therapy which is very effective for reducing swelling, relieving sensations of pain simultaneously accelerating the healing process. ABM-RF therapy helps break down scar tissues and discolorations from bruising flushing out the harmful fluids by lymphatic drainage process. This treatment provides comfort to sore, painful, numb facial and neck tissues.

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