We live each month in a different skin. That’s because roughly every 28 days our skin renews itself through a process called cellular metabolism. The process by which cells take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

To accelerate this process, Marita Hanson uses an oxygen infusion technique with Skin Magic Ltd serums to increase oxygen and moisture levels in the skin. The use of oxygen in wound healing is well documented: A recent clinical study conducted at the University of California (UCLA) tested the beneficial effects of topical oxygen infusion treatments on 50 patients who had CO2 laser resurfacing procedures. The study demonstrated that skin treated with oxygen healed 30-50% faster and had greatly reduced erythema redness, blotchiness, and scarring.

Oxygen Infusion treatment is highly effective and help improve the health and quality of the skin by boosting the cells to function efficiently and seals in skin’s moisture for that “velvety effect.”


When used with Skin Cell Therapy Serums. Skin is rejuvenated, firm and supple.

4-6 treatments and then as a regular monthly maintenance routine.

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