Enzyme Exfoliation & Acne Treatment

Renowned international skin care line, Guinot-Paris, cater to the most finicky beauty aficionados who “bed-down” for this Electro-Cosmetic treatment exclusive to Skin Magic, Ltd. Treats all skin types and an ideal solution for treating that delicate eye-area. The deep penetrating active-gel ingredients, which contain trace elements of copper, zinc and magnesium help to nourish and restore the skin’s moisture retention. A one-two punch knocks out dull dry skin with the help of improved micro-circulation offered by the purification process, which increases tissue oxygenation and toxin elimination. Use as an Acne treatment where needed by clearing the dermis surface of impurities and prepping the skin for comodones (blackheads and milia) removal. Nutritional guidance will be assessed at the time of treatment.


Deep cleaning, rejuvenated skin.


Maintenance treatments 3-6 weeks; dietary evaluation for skin care regime.

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